Packages offered by Blue Hare VA Services.

Inbox Detox – £120 (plus £35 per hour after 4 hours)

Is your inbox running out of control? Too many emails and simply not enough time to read them? Or you just don’t have the time to do any housekeeping to reach Inbox Zero? If your inbox needs re-organising, then this is a great package for you.

Please note, this package may have to be completed before we start any ongoing inbox management services.

The Inbox Detox package includes:

  • Create labels and folders to sort and file incoming emails
  • Create rules and set filters to semi-automate some email filing
  • Sort and file existing emails into their new labels and folders
  • Archive old emails using an agreed-upon cut-off date
  • Manage your email subscriptions and reduce spam emails hitting your inbox
  • Add any missing events or meetings to your Calendar